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Apply for Walmart Credit Card Online Guide: If you are a regular customer of Walmart and do not have a credit card yet, this is your time to apply for Walmart credit card. You will never regret on applying for Walmart credit card online.

Walmart is the largest retail shopper chain not only in the US but also in the world. Started off initially as a small supercenter, Walmart has now its branches all around the globe. The credit cards and different shopping cards and debit cards offered by Walmart is a proof of their ever growing popularity and success.

They operate both physically and virtually so if you are too lazy to walk through the store just sit back and apply online for Walmart credit card.

Why Applying Online? It is Secure?

The world has become a virtual reality. People are connected but not known. The world has no doubt become a global village but due to the steadfast trends of the world we always want everything to be done right away. Walmart online application process will do just that for you. Look at the benefits of online application for Walmart credit card.

Time Saving

As discussed above, It is understandable that you are desperate to get a credit card but you are not getting enough time to do it because that boss of yours who is always filling your desk with loads of work is not letting you do so. Ugh! He should be sent to jail for putting so much burden on your delicate shoulders.

Don’t worry if you cannot sent him to jail what you can do is not let his evil intentions win and just apply for your card online. It will save a lot of your time. Within minutes your application will be filled and submitted and you will not even have to excuse yourself from your duties.


Applying for a credit card online is the most feasible and suitable way for most of the people. Internet has the access to everyone even if everyone does not have access to it. If you do not have internet at home which is impossible, you have it in your office so you can easily apply from there. People tend to follow the easiest way and online application is what they are looking for.

Quick service

With a little help of the internet you can get quick service from your walmart credit card company. Online application is fast and you are just one click away from your walmart credit card.


Other Application Methods

We are considering online application method as the best one in this article but that doesn’t mean it is the only way to get your credit card application done. There are other methods as well.

Through phone

Call the Walmart customer service center if you want to apply for a credit card and you really don’t have internet access.

Through mail

Email service is not always available at Walmart but if you take yourself as a sophisticated person and want to do it only in the official way then you can fill the application form and mail it and then wait for the response.

In store

For in store application process, you need to visit your nearest Walmart stores. Fill the application form in paper form and take your documents with you to make sure that the information you are giving is authentic.

How to Apply for Walmart Credit Card Online?

The online application method is divided in to sub-categories according to the steps of application. You have to make sure you follow all the guideline step by step for getting instant approval.


You are a new comer on the site and you do not have an account through which you have to apply. My dear! You have to register yourself for Walmart credit card first. Just visit and register your self. They will ask your credit card number and zip code information so just give it to them and click Continue. Follow the further instructions after that or see How to register for Walmart credit card.

Make account

Once you are registered and recognized by the Walmart site, you are eligible to make an account. You will be asked your basic information like email address, full name, age, residential address, bank account number. Do not feel insecure or being interrogated because this information is for your account safety. Now choose a username and a secure password which hopefully you can remember.

Apply Online

After all the legal processing and account making, you are free to apply online through your Walmart account. Just log in to your newly created account and search for the settings. Go in the settings and select the Apply Now option. A new page will open with an application form.

You have to fill all the required boxes on the form and click Submit. Your application is now successfully sent to Walmart.

Requirements to apply

A few necessary requirements are to be matched if you want to apply for a Walmart credit card holder. If you are applying online then you have to make sure internet is accessible to you. Of course we are not living in the Stone Age.  Questions will be asked at the time of online application which must be answered correctly.

Your credit score does not matter much for Walmart credit card but your credit history should be satisfying.  You are to be a responsible citizen who regularly pays his taxes. You shouldn’t have been involved in any bankruptcy or money fraud because it will be known that you have tasted the air of the jail cell.

If you’re still confuse, please learn more on Walmart credit card application requirements.

Step by Step Application

Visit the official website of Walmart creditcard or mastercard.

Review credit card offers carefully, and choose the card you want to apply for.

Hit the button “Apply now” to navigate to the login page.

Login to your Walmart account with login credential consist of email address and password.

Fill the Walmart credit card application form and “Submit” the application online.

Check Application Status

Walmart card is not a difficult card to apply for. It get mostly instantly approved, even with bad credit, it wont take longer to get approved. However, you can keep and eye on your application status with simple login. However, if you have changed your mind, you can cancel the application anytime meanwhile application is in process.

Activate Your Card After Approval

In order to use your credit card, you need to activate it online. Otherwise, you cannot consume it. Simply login to your Walmart account with login details and request card activation. Learn more on how to activate Walmart credit card.

Customer Support

The customer support of Walmart is always ready to help you through any problem and bring you out of the pitch black darkness of disappointment you are prone to face whenever you get a slightest trouble. So if you still don’t understand how you can apply online for Walmart credit card you can pay a visit to our customer service headquarters at 702 S.W. Eighth St., Bentonville, AR 7271 or simply dial 1-877-294-7880.

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