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In some of the previous articles different modes of bill payments are mentioned, but the latest way is Bill Payment through Walmart Pay on the go. It is the easiest and convenient way to pay Walmart bill using mobile app.

Keeping that in mind Walmart has introduced to the customers the facility of paying bills through Walmart Pay. This facility is now available on the upgraded version of Walmart app. Think of carrying your wallet with you and you drop it in the sewers accidentally and you have to buy grocery from Walmart. What will you do?

How to get Walmart App on your Mobile Phone?

The smartest way to pay your bills is through Walmart Pay on the Walmart App. Many of you must have Walmart App on your phone but those who have recently bought a new mobile phone must know from where to get the App.

On your mobile go to the App Store either Google App Store or Apple App Store. Search for Walmart App and download it. Follow the instructions to create an account and start purchasing.

Walmart App is the best Bill Payment through Walmart Pay:

When you download the Walmart app on your mobile phone, you open a wide range of comforts at the palm of your hand.

People are worried to store the receipts in their wallets or bags as they tend to lose it or simply dispose them off. But at the time of exchange or return they are invalid to produce the receipts. So it becomes difficult to do the transaction. Walmart App saves all the information regarding your purchase on your mobile account.

Whatever Walmart Gift Card you have purchased you can check the status of that card through the Walmart App. If you have used a Gift Card to buy coffee or a sub at a local café then each and every movement of your usage is saved in the Walmart App.

Remembering medicines’ name and quantity sometimes becomes a headache as there are so many to memorize. But you can enter the prescription on Walmart App and click refill option to have medicines delivered on time.

When you are in a hurry to go shopping you can forget your shopping list at home. Or simply you just forget it for no good reason at all. So how Walmart App can help you? Easy save the shopping list on your Walmart App and never forget anything.

Lastly pay your bill through the latest updated version of the Walmart App. How? The next step will explain everything.

How to do Bill Payment through Walmart Pay?

When you have downloaded the Walmart App you can have lots of facilities on it but the best and the latest one is bill payment through Walmart Pay.

You have done all your shopping of kitchen appliances at the Walmart store; microwave, blender, coffee maker, mixer, food processor, steam cooker and toaster. Your friends will be surprised to see that you don’t have money to pay for the bill.

But when you pay the bill through Walmart Pay through the app, they will be astonished. Open the Walmart App on your mobile phone. Enter your pin number. Now scan the code on the Walmart store at the teller machine. You will receive the receipt and payment will be done automatically.

Wow! What a way to instantly pay the bill without worrying about cash availability. You can choose many payment options like paying through debit or credit card or the latest option of Walmart Pay.

Walmart has always held the security of the customers above all other things. So the information you provide goes through various layers of security before transferring it to the store. If you have further questions feel free to ask at 1-800-WALMART.

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