Rules to Cash a Check at Walmart Anytime


This question have often risen in your mind “can I cash a check at Walmart anytime?” This article will answer this question and will make things easy for you. Walmart can make you cash your checks anytime even when the hours are even or odd.

Walmart is a retailer store chain in the US and is the largest among the retailers. It is the most popular store range and has more than 10,000 branches among which 4,000 have the facility of a money center and check cashing system. Walmart provides you with the facility to cash your checks anytime you like.

Why Walmart?

The money services of Walmart money transactions, sending, receiving, and cashing are relatively affordable and cheap to other stores. The fee charged on all of these tasks is very low and easily payable directly.

For example if the value of your check is a 1000$ then you will have to pay only 3$ as the cash fee. Another reason to use Walmart for your check cash is their methods. There is no need to register you anywhere.

It makes it easier for the users who usually need to cash their checks in an infrequent manner and routine. Such simple ways of cashing your checks can provide you much ease to cash a check at Walmart anytime.

Requirements to cash a check at Walmart anytime

There are certain requirements you need to fulfill before you give the check on the counter to cash it. The operator on the Walmart counter will demand

  1. Your name,
  2. Address,
  3. Date of birth,
  4. Social Security number
  5. Other personal information that will help to identify you.
  6. You will be asked to show a valid form of ID.

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After providing them with all the essentials, hand over the check to the representative onb the counter and get it in cash after proper verification.

Where to cash a check

Walmart store’s cash checking money center is open 7days a week from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. But if you are looking to cash a check at Walmart anytime even at the odd hours, you can use the checkout lane of Walmart. It is the easiest way to cash your check anytime.

Walmart’s verification system

Never think that if you are cashing your check at an odd hour, you will be safe an unnoticed of using a fake check. Walmart’s security and verification system is a head of the flock and up to the mark.

So if you had something like that in mind then give it a second thought. Walmart use both TeleCheck and Certegy and other scanning devices and machinery to make sure that the check is valid and real. So there is no chance one can get away with a scam or a fraud with fake checks.

What type of checks Walmart cash?

When you are going to cash a check at Walmart anytime you should also have the knowledge about the checks that Walmart accepts and cashes. There are these following types of checks listed below which are acceptable to be cashed in the Walmart stores checkout lane.

  • Insurance settlement checks
  • 401(k) checks
  • MoneyGram money orders that were purchased at Walmart
  • Payroll checks
  • Government checks
  • Tax checks
  • Cashiers’ checks

In short now you know that you can easily cash a check at Walmart anytime. You do not have to worry for an instant cash even if it is 12 am because even if the money center is closed Walmart checkout lane is there for you to cash your check anytime.

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