How to Cash a Bad Check at Walmart – Is it Possible?


People are always hopeful to get their bad checks cashed through one mean or another. Know how to cash a bad check on Walmart by using tips and precautions to be safe from any trouble. With Walmart cashing a bad check is not impossible but very difficult.

Walmart is a store which is the largest retailer store in the US; hold a very powerful, secure and restrictive system in the cash payment and transaction section. Because of the recent scam and fraud done by a couple, Walmart has become more careful in the security measures.

If you are hoping that you can successfully cheat a high obtain checking system, you have to think twice if you are thinking to cash a bad check on Walmart. If you have a bad check and you are able to turn it to a certified check, there is only a little change that you will get through it but if your verification id digitized then you are screwed up.

What is a bad check?

A bad check is a check which is withdrawn from an account that doesn’t exist or have a recognized amount in it. To have a bad check and to cash it is illegal and almost a felony.

The account with which the bad check is linked with has often insufficient or no balance that is why whenever a bad check is cashed it is either blocked or comes with a denied transaction. The store or bank will immediately know the difference between a good check and a fake or bad check.

Walmart cashing options

Walmart offers very cheap and affordable check up fees for different check cashing options. If your check is up to and including $1000 the fee will be $3.00 and if your check is over $1000 and up to including $5000 the fee will be $6.00. These following are the check cashing options which Walmart accepts.

  • Payroll checks
  • Government checks
  • Tax checks
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • 401(k), Retirement distribution checks
  • Money Gram money orders that were purchased at Walmart

How to Cash a Bad Check at Walmart?

You cannot simply cash a bad check in Walmart stores. If you are thinking of doing some kind of sorcery to get away from this sort of scam with a clean chit know that it is highly illegal and is considered as a punishable fraud by the law.

Walmart verification process

If you are planning to go today in Walmart to cash your bad check let me tell you what will happen to you. You will hand over your bad check to on the counter where the digitization of the fake check will take place.

After that the validation of the check in which the digitized check is selected. And it is sent to the validation server automatically.

First the Fividoc loads the data of the check from the data base and then tries to locate any fraud content in it. Fividoc performs OCR on the check to identify it. The fraud contents are detected and highlighted and you are caught.

Illegal means can end up in jail          

As I said earlier trying to cash a bad check and then getting caught in this is very offensive. You can be in a bad trouble for doing so. If you got caught during a try to cash a bad check and it is your first time then you go in jail for almost 6 months.

And if you have tried it more than once it can jump to a two-year felony. Especially if a person exceeds that amount or writes more than three bad checks in a five-day period.

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