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Walmart Credit Card Customer Service Guide: Customer service of any company or store is the essential part of proving how credible it is. Walmart credit card customer service is the key unit of all its popularity because it offers the most brilliant customer care unit in the chain of different stores.

As Walmart is a well known store chain in America, it is also known to provide its customer with credit cards and mastercards which are issued by Capital One. “Saving people money so they can live better lives” is a famous slogan introduced by the Walmart store and it still manages to keep up with its mark.

The introduction of these credit cards serves the slogan’s purpose righteously. These credit cards are for making the shopping experience in Walmart stores in a more fun and easy way while saving you money.

For offering more comfort to the users, Walmart credit card customer service is introduced which is working in high profile manner giving you all you need to know about your Walmart credit card.

Benefits of Walmart Credit Card Customer Service

Trust is an essential element in any sort of relation be it a family relation, love relation or a customer and seller relation. Customer service is the department which plays a major role in maintaining customer’s trust. A break up with a lover can turn in a patch up but a gone customer is always gone.

Walmart credit cards offer almost the same perks in its customer services i.e. Walmart Credit Card Customer Service as any other credit card company might be giving you but the only difference is that Walmart actually does what it says. Customer services are obviously made for customers and you as a customer should feel free to get any sort of guidance as it is your right to be entertained in such matters. Below are some advantages you get through customer services.

Provides account assistance

When you have just got a bank account and you decide to get yourself a credit card but you have no knowledge about it. You must be feeling like a school boy on the first day of school with a blank head. Well we all have this feeling when we enter a new regime of anything. This is what customer services are! If you are up for a walmart credit card and you want to make an account for walmart credit card, customer care is the one who will help.

Report fraud/lost/stolen card

Suppose your little niece took your credit card to the playground to play it off as her car and lost it and now someone might have stolen it from the playground. You cannot even scold that little devil but the thing you can do is to report your lost /stolen credit card to walmart customer services by calling on this number 888-518-6278 (See: how to report lost or stolen Walmart card?) in order to block it immediately before it gets used illegally.

Cancel card

Have had enough of using the same credit card? You are one of the adventurous people who always gets bored by thing and you would probably start choking if you don’t get something new time to time. Well what can we say apart from helping you because that is what you need, help. Call on our customer support number 866-888-3868 and ask them to cancel your Walmart credit card. Make sure your account balance is zero while you do it.

Check your account balance

You can always check your account balance through Walmart’s customer services. Walmart Account balance check can include payment details and transaction details as well. Contact the customer support service to consider your case.

Ways to access Walmart Credit Card Customer Service

There are many ways through which you can contact the customer services of walmart credit card. In this modernize world it is obvious that a person must have access to one of the following methods if not all because of course you have managed to have a bank account through some resource.

Phone number

Making a call to solve all your issues of Walmart credit card is the easiest way to contact the server. If you have any question about your payment, transaction, activation or cancellation you can call on the customer service number: 866-611-1148. Fore member services dial 877-294-7880. You can also see out detailed guide and information on Walmart credit card phone number.


The customer services are available on call on Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-9pm, and Sun noon-6 pm CST. However, the best time to call is 8:30am.

Through mail

Let’s say you do not have enough credit in your mobile phone and you have to make an urgent payment while you are in your office because a sudden thought struck your mind that today is the last date of submission. You can instantly mail the customer care unit of walmart or visit www.walmartcreditcard.customerservice&rlz or if you have any other question relating to your credit card.

Meet in person

Some people are not wholly satisfied until they are not assured that the person believes the customer service unit is a human being and not some data feeded machine or robot. If you are one of those doubtful people you are free to visit the headquarters of Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Live chat

Another facility to connect to a customer support centre is live chat but unfortunately Walmart does not offer any such facility. But if you are really desperate for it then after calling on the customer support number keep saying “Customer service” or keep pressing 0.

Twitter account

Walmart has recently introduced a new twitter account for its customer support center where a separate section is added for FAQs on Walmart credit card. This facility is for the people who are prone to use social media as it would be both helpful as well as entertaining to solve their issues. To search for Walmart’s twitter account visit and access Walmart Credit Card Customer Service.

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