Walmart Credit Card Requirements & Eligibility Criteria


Every card company set some requirements to be matched for the issuing of credit cards. And Walmart credit card requirements and eligibility criteria such as credit score, are almost the same as any other reputable credit card company demands.

Walmart has gained its popularity and reputation because of its low prices and offers. So if you are thinking to get a Walmart credit card you are making the right decision.

Benefits of Getting Walmart Credit Card

Why would I apply for Walmart credit card? What good will it do? These types of questions will run in your mind when you are going to apply for a Walmart credit card. Look at the below given advantages and you will not be able to resist yourself from its charms.


Walmart credit card is more easily available than the master card and due to its availability it is used at a much higher rate. Bad or low credit is not a problem to be a Walmart credit card holder because it does not limits the access of the Walmart customers to only a particular FICO rate. So if you have a bad credit or even a poor one, you can still apply for a Walmart credit card.

In store financing

Special in store financing options are available for the users of Walmart credit cards. The user can get interest grace period to pay off their bills according to the amount they spend on purchase.

Suppose you shop at Walmart, ranging between 150$ to 300$, you get a six month time limit to make this payment without any added interest. If you shop up to the price of 600$ you may get 24months time limit to pay it off. Quiet an offer right?

Cash back facility

Rewards are issued as monthly statement credit in form of cash backs. There’s no limit on the amount of rewards you can earn (See: how to increase Walmart credit card limit).

The rewards do not expire as long as your account is in a good state. You can get 3% cash back and the purchase made online from and 2% from the purchase of fuel at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations.

No annual fee

Walmart credit card charges no extra charges or annual fee from its users. It also has a 0% APR rate which makes it more cost-friendly and accessible to use.

One-stop-shop for money transfer

Make Walmart your one-stop shop for money transfers. Convenience and lower fees at Walmart combined with Western Union’s large network of more than 500,000 agent locations in 200 countries and territories worldwide makes sending and receiving money to friends and family around the world fast, easy, and reliable. Send or receive money and get 5% off Western Union standard fees exclusively at Walmart.

Credit card protection

Walmart credit card offers superior level of protection in order to secure your financial position and information. You can replace or cancel your Walmart credit card in case of lost or stolen. Your personal information is always monitored and protected.

You are provided with a comprehensive credit report time to time with a monthly credit score update. So if your credit score increases its time to party! And if it is lowered down do not make that sad face and just pay the bills on time from the next purchase.

Requirements for Walmart Credit Card

The requirements which are needed to be fulfilled to get yourself a credit card are not so different from any other credit card company. The only thing better in the requirement section is that all the necessities can be matched so easily.

Already registered

If you want a Walmart credit card it is obvious that you need an account for walmart credit card and for that reason you have to get yourself registered in order to be recognized. So if only you are smart enough to know this fact you must be registered and get acknowledged by the Walmart store to approve your credit card.


The annual income is not considered for a person to become a walmart credit card holder. Only the monthly income information is required which should be 12 thousand dollars or more per month.

FICO Score

The Walmart credit card is ideal for the customers with low FICO scores. If you have a low score as 550 don’t be saddened by this as your application can be approved.

However, the MasterCard version of the Walmart credit card usually demands a credit score of 660 or higher. It is generally considered and accepted to be at the low end of the “good” credit scores on the credit score scale.

Age requirement

The age requirements differ in the policies of different credit card companies but if you are willing to submit yourself and get a walmart credit card in your hands then you must be at the age of 18. Kids are not allowed!


The concerned customer in need of a walmart credit card you need to be a permanent resident in Canada, outside of Quebec.

Proper contact information

Proper contact information, which includes your full name, home address, office address, email address, and phone number are required when you are filling your application form. If you leave them blank Walmart will not consider your application thinking of you as a homeless hippy.

Good credit history

Although credit score does not matter in the requirements of Walmart credit card but a good credit history is a must. You cannot just be going in and out of jail for your consistency in frauds and crimes and expect to be given a well reputed company’s credit card. So make sure that you are a tax payer and decent citizen who has never been involved in any criminal activity.

Walmart Customer Service

You can always seek guidance if there is any other thing you want to know relating to the requirements to get Walmart credit card. Our toll-free number at 1-877-696-366 is available 24/7 for serving you. You can also visit the official Walmart website at

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