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Many people ask me how to pay Walmart bills online. So, as a Walmart employee, I decided to write comprehensive instruction on Walmart Pay Bill service.

As I’ve already mentioned, I work at Walmart Inc, – a well known American retail chain store. As my duty suggests, I am used to access my Walmart employee login account online off and on. So, how to login Walmart credit card account to pay bills online is not an uphill task for me to tell.

Here, I’m going to provide a details guide and information on Walmart pay bill service with simple login. Let us start!

What is Walmart Pay Bill Service Online?

Pay your Bill

As you know that Walmart store are meant to be shopping experience. Here, you can pay your shopping bills either with case, credit card or online using online portal. All these payment services fall under Walmart pay bill service. And the best way to pay your Walmart dues and bills is online.

So, here customers can learn how to visit and pay their bills online with simple login instructions. Here, you’ll be inform how you can make payments with Walmart account online simply with login page. If you’d still have had questions, you can take advice from Walmart customer service. | How to Pay Bills Online?

Customers can use login portal to manage account online and pay their bills and make payments with Walmart credit card online. is one of the official website of Walmart Inc. where customers can not only have shopping experience, but also pay their bills online.

If you’re interested in paying bills online with Walmart online account, simply follow the following step by step instructions.

You will need the following information to pay bill online with e-payment.

  • The Bank name
  • Checking account number
  • Bank routing number (first nine numbers at the left bottom of your checks)
  • valid checking account from a US bank to use e-pay

Step by Step Pay Bill with Login:

  1. First of all, you need to visit the official login page website of Walmart credit card account.
  2. Now, customer needs to locate the login panel and enter the login credentials (the User ID and the Password) in the relevant fields. Remember, here, User ID (username) is Case-sensitive, and may differ from your User ID.
  3. Select the option “Remember User ID” if you want your web browser to remember the Username for the next session. But its not recommended for the security reasons.
  4. Once you’re logged into your Walmart account, you can pay your bill by clicking on the e-payment link.
  5. Finally, enter the necessary information required to make transaction done, and hit the “make a payment” button. That’s it!

Once the online procedure for Walmart pay bill is done, you’ll need to wait 2 to 3 days for your payment to process. And remember, don’t get panic if the money isn’t immediately removed from your bank account as it may take two three business days. This is the reason why you must make Walmart credit card payments three days before the due date to save yourself from penalties like extra fee, or interest.

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